MMP (dissertation)

Third year of Uni (yay!) but now I have to make a big project (boo!). Jokes aside I needed an excuse to code something big so im looking forward too it :).

Biting more than you can chew

So after an extra long project selection process I've got a project, its my own suggestion which is nice. I'm not sure how much I can mention about it since its ongoing so i'm going to skip the specifics, but it combines two of my interests: games and discord.

Unfortunatly I've managed to invent a project with a large amount of coding required and no easy shortcuts, I can feel my fingers screaming already. Oh did I mention it has to be 70% completed in 2 weeks... Fantastic.

Grinding my teeth

Well after procrastinating 20% of my time away i've finnaly got my workflow setup and a flimsy plan to follow, I estimate a sharp increase in caffeine intake.

Chowing down on TypeScript

I've never used TypeScript before, so naturally ive decieded my first project with the language should be my most important (Maybe I like stress headaches). TypeScript is an easy language to learn, it seems to combine the strictness of C# and the anything goes mentality of JavaScript quite well, although evey problem i've encouterd so far was JavaScript being silly (I wish it was compiled to something better).

2 weeks... seriosly... wtf

This Mid project demo requirement means I can't develop how I want to, typically I would start at the bottom and work up to complex front-end stuff but since I have to show basic functionality soon I have to develop both at the same time which means I'll have to refactor the whole project later, so inefficient.